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Local Business Marketing | eEdge Takes Charleston & Buffalo Mobile

Business owners agreed that Local Business Marketing just didn’t seem like it could get any easier than when we shared what’s new in mobile marketing strategies with our local Charleston and Buffalo markets!  Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing with  local clients why they should be making mobile marketing a priority in their local business marketing plans and helping them develop strategies that will help them attract new customers and even more importantly keep the ones they’ve already got coming back for more.

Unlike any other marketing method we’ve previously seen, mobile marketing is unique in many ways however one of the top reasons is that it’s almost instant.  You can get your advertising out to targeted customers almost instantly.  Studies are showing that about 95% of them will see your message within about 4 minutes!

Think about this…

What if:

  • You could come up with an idea (an offer) that would attract customers into your business AND it would start working today?  Even in just moments from now!  Would you want to hear about it?
What if:
  • You could get your offer in front of your targeted customer’s eyes at exactly the time you wanted them to see it?  When they are hungry, need a haircut, their dog needs shots, their kids need lessons, the house needs painting, the car needs service, etc, etc, etc.  (Just thinking about the power in the ability to market like that gets me all excited!)  Would you want to know more about it?
What if:
  • You could get your message in front of your targeted customers for pennies but got a return in dollars?  Would that be interesting to you?
Well, all that is possible with mobile.  Local business marketing just changed for everybody!  AND… it’s affordable!
If you want to know more, call us today for a free consultation.  In Charleston SC: 843-647-0489 in Buffalo, NY and the rest of the nation call toll free: 866-945-0489.

Looking forward to speaking you to personally!


P.S.  Even if you aren’t ready to join the 21st century you at least owe it to yourself to discover what’s going on with mobile marketing.  Get my free report titled “The Small Business Guide to Mobile Marketing”   You can get it by submitting the form in the top left column of this page.  It’s free.  Get it and be amazed!  —>

Text Marketing | Your Message…Your Market

Text MarketingI’m hearing people here in Charleston SC say that text marketing is said to be the latest “trend” in advertising your business.

Trend?  I must ask, does anyone saying that really think that text messages coming and going to mobile phones is going to come to a screeching halt any time soon?  From our perspective, text marketing is here to stay and will continue to advance in what kind of text message you’ll be able to send with it.

Here are some interesting facts to consider:

  • As of December 2010, 96% of the US Population owns a mobile device.
  • 98% of all mobile phones can send and receive text messages and 72% use text messaging daily.  That is more than the percentage of people who watch TV daily.
  • 82% of people do not leave home without their mobile phones.  As a matter of fact, I’ll turn around and go back for mine.  Do you?
  • 98% of text messages are opened.  The majority of those messages are opened within 3 minutes of receiving the message.
  • The average message stays on the mobile device for 12 days.  In what other type of advertising can you get that many additional exposures per ad spend?
  • 67% of people want to recieve messages and alerts from companies they do business with.
  • 59% said they are willing to trade their mobile number for coupons.  Almost everyone likes to save money.
  • Digital coupons on mobile devices have a 20 times greater rate of redemption.  It’s so easy, no cutting out coupons and then remembering to bring it with you.

It should be clear from the above statistics just how powerful text marketing can be.  Advertising Age says: “It’s clear that retailers that don’t embrace mobile phone technology in the coming year will be left behind, much as those retailers who sat on the sidelines in the early days of digital or social media are now playing catch up.”

Furthermore, the strength of an individual’s relationship with their mobile phone is unique.  This puts local businesses in a unique position in which to interact with their customers.  Learn more about that from our article on mobile marketing.

Call us today at 843-647-0489 or toll free 866-945-9707 and let us show you how text marketing can work for you and your business.

We look forward to meeting with you.


P.S.  Get a free copy of  “The Small Business Guide to Mobile Marketing”.  Just submit the form in the right column and learn what text marketing can mean to your business.




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