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local business networking opportunitiesWhen you think of local business networking opportunities, guest blogging online on someone else’s website probably isn’t the first thing that enters your mind.  However, just like in the offline world, sometimes it is “who you know” that counts. In online business, there are many ways to network with other business owners, and one of those ways is through guest blogging.  There are many more benefits than meets the eye to a business owner who uses this method of networking.

You have built your local business and may have even already begun to make your mark with your local business online. You knew how important it was to get your business online as a complement to your physical brick and mortar business and you have developed an internet presense, using social media to begin interacting with your readers.  Now, your website visitors, who are local consumers in your area, can find out about new product offerings, get business information, and get to know you and your local business.  But how do you increase your exposure?  How do you extend your reach?

Enter Local Business Networking Opportunites.

Networking, as you probably already know, is important for business owners and especially so for local businesses. You can find new partners for business ventures, resources for upcoming product launches, and ways to increase your visibility and your reach to local consumers right there in your local market!  As a local business owner, you may not have ever considered and may not have even been aware that guest blogging opportunities exsisted.  Guest blogging is one of those things that, once you try it, you will want to find every available opportunity to do it again as the results are astounding!  For many reasons (to be discussed later), guest blogging can actually be the key to your local businesses online success.

There are two main ways you can network your local business through guest blogging:

• You can be the guest blogger, or

• You can invite others to guest blog on your website.

You as the Guest Blogger

Through your work, you probably make contact with suppliers, clients and other business people on a daily basis. Everyone who those contacts know is a potential new contact for you. Seeking out opportunities to guest blog with these individuals who are already in your business circle is a smart move on your part for many reasons.

The obvious benefit is that through their influence, you are opening yourself up to a new audience.  Their clients, customers, business associates and other readers may be potential customers for your business.

Although it seems like common sense to many, it’s worth mentioning that when guest blogging, it’s important to always bring your best work to a guest post just as you would on your own website. You want to be remembered (in a positive way).

Things to consider if you are guest blogging.

• Interact with your audience. Ask questions in your posts and encourage readers to respond via comments on the web page. Be sure to answer comments with advice and a friendly voice.

• Add a link to your bio at the end of the post so that interested readers can find you at your own website or visit your local business in person.

• Post links to the guest blog posts on your website to interest your own readers. This will help you build trust and give you an “expert” status in your community.

Inviting Guest Bloggers to Your Blog

Finding the right guest bloggers is important. You want to make sure that your guest blogger adds value for your readership and that the topics your guest blogger will be writing about are about something that your readers are interested in.  It’s always a good idea to preview some of their other work before inviting someone to guest blog and only extend the invitation to those that you trust and that you know will take good care in handling the responsiblity.

• Ask friends and collegues in your industry who have blogs to guest blog for you or consider other related online local businesses or clients with expertise in their related fields to consider guest blogging for you. They can give your readers new insights into what you do.

• Set down some ground rules: Stick to the topic assigned. Establish a time line for the work to be completed and mention that you will review the work before publishing.

Networking is essential to your business. Guest blogging can be beneficial for both sides of the guest blogging experience and creating networking opportunities with those who can benefit from a reciprocal relationship is even better.

If you would like more information on the many other benefits of guest blogging, need help arranging guest bloggers for your own website or how to find guest blogging opportunities, call us today to for a free consultation.

Happy Guest Blogging!


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