Holiday Advertising with Online Classified Ads

Promoting your holiday products or services with free online classified advertising and low cost graphic display ads is an easy and effective way to get new leads, more sales, or even more attendees at your event.

Many business owners may have visited online classified advertising websites for personal use but most haven't considered it as a source of lead generation for their businesses. People, just like you, are visiting these websites and looking for specific products or services everyday.

In fact, Craigslist, the most popular of these online classified advertising websites, is the 8th most searched website on the planet! That means that millions of people search daily on this website. Doesn't it make sense to be where the people who are searching for your products or services are?

The holidays, are the perfect time of year to step up your online classified advertising by adding graphic ads. Graphic Ads like the examples below are perfect for any time of year but this is especially true during holidays when there is much more competition and you really need to make your ad stand out!

Craigslist, or any of the hundreds of other similar websites on the internet, are not known for their amazing looks, that’s for sure! But that doesn’t mean that your ad has to look as dull as the website does! Using a graphic ad will set you apart your competition! These ads will have all the same helpful information on them, they are just more eye appealing and they are clickable right over to your website!

St Patricks Day Classifies Ad   


Image the benefit to your business with the endless views your graphic advertisement will generate! In addition, if you categorize your ads properly, you will reach a highly targeted audience, the ones who are already looking for what you offer!

For more information on the advantages of advertising with online classified ads please visit this article on the benefits of using free online classified advertising for your business and don’t forget to grab your FREE copy of our Top 500 Online Classified Sites while you are there!

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