About e-Edge Marketing

Why Choose e-EdgeMarketing?

e-Edge Marketing is a locally owned and operated marketing agency. We specialize in helping other local business owners connect with the local consumers in their markets.

We do it 5 ways…

  1. First, we work hard.  Then, we work smart. To give you the best value and the greatest ROI.
  2. By creating modern marketing campaigns. Campaigns that use today’s technology. These methods and promotions are designed to work together to get your products and/or services in front of the people in your market.  Today, most consumers in your market are looking online for the products and services they need.  They are using computers and in rapidly growing numbers, their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to find the local products and services they need.  Our goal is to create a online “presence” for your local business and then market that online presence putting you in front of the local consumers who eEdge Marketing are looking for your products and services.
  3. Second, we employ some of the very best traditional marketing methods that are completely customized for your specific business
  4. We proactively audit, manage, promote, and protect your online reputation.
  5. Your success is our success!  It’s important to us that what we do

The e-Edge Marketing team

The e-Edge Marketing Team consists of marketing and design experts who understand the local business owner and what it takes to allow them to compete with the “big guys”  They can offer you an objective overview of your business’ current marketing strategies.  This is meant to give you a fresh take on what’s working best for you now and, how we could help you grow.  Then, together with you, we will mastermind a powerful marketing plan to help your business develop strategies that will increase your sales by attracting more new customers and keep the ones you’ve already worked so hard to get.

Our Growth & History:

The firm was founded in 2008 by Leigha Baer, who serves as the Chief Marketing Officer.  Leigha, is a certified Internet Marketing Consultant with many years of marketing experience both on and offline.  Leigha previously taught classes for business owners and others through in the Social Media Marketing Certification Program  offered through Trident Technical College, near her home in Charleston, SC.  Leigha specializes in, and is passionate about, creating, planning, and implementing marketing strategies! She’s been known to say: “The brainstorming is so much fun, don’t tell anybody, but I’d do it for free!” She especially loves creating strategies around social media, email marketing, and direct mail marketing campaigns.  Leigha also enjoys helping business owners protect and improve their online reputations.

In 2009, the firm’s growth required additional personnel and it began adding team members who would each bring with them, valuable knowledge and marketing experience that enabled them to expand their agency and offer additional services. Leigha says ” The truth is, most marketing strategies work best when used in conjunction with one another.  It’s almost never a single strategy that makes or breaks a business” and adding additional staff brought new skills and knowledge to the agency.

In 2010, Mobile Marketing strategies were added to the mix and we began offering mobile marketing strategies.

Most recently, we’ve experienced another growth spurt. Video marketing has become a very inexpensive and popular way to promote your business.  We’ve added several team members who specialize in creating engaging videos for businesses of every kind.

In addition to mobile, we began seeing how reviews and recommendations were becoming an important factor to a business’s internet rankings.  So we’ve recently began  helping businesses with reputation management strategies and managing their business reviews.  We can help you create and maintain a 5 Star Reputation online with just a little effort.

Where We Work: 

The company offers services to locally owned businesses throughout the U.S.

Our offices are located in Charleston, SC

What We Offer:

We offer services to small and medium sized businesses who want to build or continue growing their own business by using today’s technology but may not have the ability to staff their own marketing departments or constantly re-educate their staff in the latest marketing strategies in the fast moving technology marketing industry.

When We Can Help:

If you want to increase your sales by getting your business’ products and services in front of the eyes of the local consumers in your city or town, we can help you.

Our hope is that whether you already have an online presence or that you are a traditional brick and mortar business who isn’t online yet, you will find the tools, techniques, resources and services provided by our company instrumental in growing your own business to it’s full potential.

Let e-Edge Marketing help you develop an internet marketing strategy for your business that will attract new customers, get more sales, and bring your business into the 21st century.

How We Can Help:

Meet with us for a complimentary consultation to find out how we can help you develop a blueprint on which to build your business in the local online market place.

Call us today!  843-647-0489 or toll free: 866-945-9707

We look forward to meeting with you!

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