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Church t shirts fundraiserCustom designed church tshirts can be an excellent fundraiser for your church or church group. We can create a fun and hassle-free fundraising campaign that your members will love and won’t create any extra work on your part.

If you need funds for a church project and would also like having some great looking church tshirts that your members will love wearing, we can help you with that!

Our solution is different in many ways from other church tshirt suppliers.

Let us show you how, through our partnership with Amazon, we can help you raise the extra funds you need by simply offering your members some great custom designed church t shirts, and at absolutely no costs to you!

We’ll make it easy for you! You won’t have to ever touch a tshirt, open a box, or collect any money. We offer a church tshirt fundraiser that is  hassle-free, and easy for both the organizer(s) as well as the church members.

Sound impossible? It’s not. In fact, because of our partnership with Amazon, it’s completely painless.

A church tshirt fundraiser campaign is perfect for you if your church needs extra money for a special project. And who’s church doesn’t need a fundraiser for something?

church tshirts

Example tshirt for a men’s group

Does your church need funds for:

  • Your youth group?
  • New choir robes?
  • Books for small groups?
  • Camp, VBS, a Retreat, or Mission trip?
  • Have a family who can’t pay their light bill?
  • Or anything else?

Then this fundraising option is perfect for you! You’ll get the extra money you need for your current project and the church members will get some great tshirts to show off their support and their love for their church family.

Here’s How Our No-Hassle Church Tshirt Fundraiser Works:

  • We create a design for your tshirt and work with you to customize it for your church or church group.
  • We create a listing on Amazon.com for your t shirt and supply you with the link to the tee.
  • We also provide a graphic and a text file that gives all the details about the tshirt fundraiser that you can use on your church’s website, Facebook page, church newsletter, emails,or anywhere else you wish to put it.
  • Church members or specific church group members, go to Amazon.com to purchase their shirt.  Your shirts will be available in your choice of colors in men’s women’s and youth sizes. Also, if the member is also a Amazon Prime member, their shirts are Prime eligible!
  • Amazon ships the tshirt directly to each church member who ordered a shirt. You never have to touch or keep track of even a single shirt!
  • For each shirt sold, your church or church group will receive a generous portion of the profit from each tshirt sold!

Other Benefits of Ordering Church Tshirts with Us:

  • No cost to you!
  • No hassles. Easy because we do all the work for you.
  • Easy Amazon ordering, shipping, and returns.
  • You can order as few as 1 church tshirt or as many as you’d like.
  • Your fundraising is ongoing. New members can easily get a tshirt by just going to Amazon and purchasing it.
  • New designs anytime. New small group and they want their own designed tshirt? We can do it for you and your church will get the commissions on every design we make for your church.

That’s it!  It’s really almost an effortless way to raise the money you need for your next project and offer some great custom tshirt designs for your members.

Call us today for more details or click here to set up an appointment to talk at your convenience.

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