What to Expect From Your Internet Marketing Firm?

As the owner of an internet marketing firm, I am asked often what clients can expect from me.

My answer is a simple one.  You can expect me to act as your professional partner and counselor in marketing your business online and you can expect me to deliver what I promise.

I am often disturbed by some of the claims I see in this industry.  You’ve probably heard the type of claims I’m talking about;  That this new thing or that new tool will make you an overnight success.  The truth is, it’s pretty much all your marketing and promotions strategy.  You need to have a plan of action.  You need to have a blueprint.  Think of it this way,  you wouldn’t begin  constructing  something without a blueprint would you?  Well, building your business online requires a blueprint too.

So many of my clients were disappointed when, after they were approached by a savvy web designer who told them they needed a website…nothing happened!   They just didn’t realize that being found on the internet was so much more than just having a website!   Strategic marketing is the key to your online businesses success.

Make no mistake, having a website IS important, it’s the foundation of your online business.  However if the site isn’t optimized to BE found, it’s sort of like finding a needle in a haystack.  You wouldn’t think of opening a business without a sign or some other indication that you are in business.  No one would come in or call.   Think of a website the same as you do your physical business and treat it with the same respect.

No one can promise you a #1 ranking position in the Google search engine results.  If they do, they are lying!  What can be done is to optimize your website for optimum results through search engine optimization and then create marketing strategies that will bring buyers to your website.  It’s really not anything new, only the methods by which you achieve it are different.

It’s no accident which businesses show up on the first page of the Google search results. If you want your business to be found by the people who are already looking for your products or services, there are specific things that must be done.  You must have a plan.  At e-Edge Marketing, your blueprint is where we start!

If you’d like help developing that plan, I can help.  I’m a business consultant who helps business owners (like you) develop an online marketing strategy or “blueprint” that when implemented, will increase your profits, save on your advertising, and give you more free time.  If you are ready to try some cutting edge ideas and stop doing the same old stuff that’s not working for you an edge.  An e-Edge.

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Internet Marketing Company Helping Small Business in Charleston SC

Charleston, SC

e-Edge Marketing, a Charleston SC Internet marketing company, is a full-service Internet marketing company. Headquartered in Charleston, SC and a satellite office in the Buffalo NY area. We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses develop an Internet “presence”.  I’m still always surprised at how many business owners think that a website is enough. What good is a website if nobody finds it when they do a search for your product or service?  If your website isn’t coming up on page 1 or even 2 in the search results, those who are looking for you just won’t find you.  It’s that simple.

e-Edge Marketing can help you reach your online business goals by creating an internet marketing strategy that is specifically targeted for your business.  We will help you develop internet marketing strategies that will drive traffic to your website and help the people who are already looking for you online, find you.

Our team is made up of experts in every aspect of the internet marketing process.

Web Designers: Don’t just hire a web designer, although a great graphic designer can make you a beautiful page, most don’t know how to optimize your site to get it found in the search engines.

SEO’s & SEM’s, : These are the people who understand Google’s Algorithms the best anyone can understand them.  Google never gives out all of their secrets however SEO’s have a better understanding of what Google is looking for in the sites they rank the highest.  They can help increase your rankings both naturally (organically) and by managing your paid advertising via PPC, CPA programs.

Copywriters:  Help you every step of the way in getting good, fresh, SEO optimized content to your site.

Social Media Managers: These are the people who can help you have a social media presence that will help you to drive traffic to your website.

Analytics Managers: Every online marketing company needs these folks on staff.  They know how to track your site results, analysis the data, and make revisions to the strategy to help you get the best results possible from your online marketing efforts.  This is essential to any marketing strategy both online and off.  Knowing where your customers are coming from gives you valuable insight as to how to market to them!

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