You’re In! Let’s Get Started.

You made a good choice and I am so glad you have decided to try our birthday club program!  birthday club cards

The next step is to schedule a consultation with us so that we can get you all set up to get started.  You can do that by going here to directly accessing my calander page here: https://www.e-edgemarketing.com/schedule-appointment/ or by calling me at 843-826-0481.

Here’s what you can get together for me before our meeting:

  • I will need your logo and/or any other branding images you would like on the back panel of every card.
  • Your name or the business name
  • Your physical address, phone number, url/website address, and email address.
  • Your Facebook Page url/address
  • A photo of your business (optional but recommended)
  • The “special offer” for the birthday person.
  • Exclusions

After our meeting, you should expect the 1st draft in about 10 days (depending on U.S. Mail) and upon your approval of the draft, your program will begin immediately.

Again, the first step to getting started is to schedule our call! https://www.e-edgemarketing.com/schedule-appointment/

or call me at 843-826-0481.


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