Taking a Genuine Interest in Your Online Readers

Taking a genuine interest in your customers whether you have a traditional brick and mortar business, on online business, or both means learning about your customers and what they want.  The only difference in an online business is that your customers may never see you, you are hidden.  Instead, only read the information you provide to them online.  Getting to know them in the virtual world can be challenging.  Whether you have a web presence or just a website is key to being able to learn about your customers.  Having a website that people want to visit means getting new customers and keeping the old ones coming back. So, how can you show that you are interested in the virtual world?

Finding out who they are.

Every person wants to be acknowledged.  They want to know that they matter to others. They want to matter to their families, their friends and even the people they do business with.   Think about hair salons or drinking establishments.  In most cases, the haircuts and the drinks their customers get aren’t much different than what they could get somewhere else.  So why do their customers keep coming back?   The answer is simple, it’s personal, these businesses are based on delivering a finished product AND building a relationship.  They talk TO their customers and not AT them.  A relationship is established.  Their customers feel that they matter, that they are important.

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