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Facebook features and changes seem to be changing almost daily recently!  Quite honestly, I’m finding it a little hard to keep up.  Since it’s my business to keep up, I’m doing everything I can to keep current and bring the information on those changes to my clients as fast as I can.

Depending on how much you like to share about yourself, many of the new Facebook features aren’t being well received due to privacy policies and depending on how often you check your privacy settings some have reported the defaults being changed for each new change.  In any event, it’s smart to check your privacy settings on a regular basis to see what you are sharing.

On another note, remember, you should always treat what ever you decide to post like the whole world will see it.  If it is not acceptable for the whole world to see, reconsider posting it all together and be on the safe side.

Today, I’m sharing with you a Facebook feature that will allow you to comment from your Facebook account on websites throughout the internet and also post to your wall at the same time.

To see this in action and see how this will work watch the video below.

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