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Since 2010, we’ve been offering websites for veterinarians and their practices.  In early 2012, our firm began specializing in online marketing for veterinary clinics and animal hospitals.  We not only specialize in building websites for businesses in the pet service industry but we are experts in successfully marketing them online.  We help veterinarians get found online by the local people who live right in their own neighborhoods who are searching right now on the internet for animal hospitals and veterinary services.

Local consumers may need a new veterinarian for many reasons.  Their old veterinarian has retiree, they are new to the area, they just acquired a new pet, or one of several other reasons.  The fact is that people just aren’t looking in the phone book anymore.  Instead, they are searching for what they want on their computers or mobile devices.

Just having a website will not get you found on the internet by the people who are already searching for you online.  Statistics show that most internet users don’t look past page two in Google’s search results.  If you aren’t on the first or second page of the search results, do you know how to get where you want and need to be to get the results you want?  If you do manage to get there, do you know what it takes to stay there?  There are specific things that need to be done and if you don’t know how, what will you do?

Putting your practice solely in the hands of directory pages won’t help.  If the company who owns the directory page goes out of business tomorrow, where will that leave you?  More importantly, how can you effectively manage information that others place on those kinds of sites or even know what’s being said about you.  You wouldn’t build your home on someone else’s real estate and the same holds true for virtual real estate.  You need to have an interest in the property so that you can control what’s being done there.

The good news is… we can help!  If you have a veterinary practice that needs more leads, more new clients, and more revenue, you owe it to your practice to speak to us before making a decision on how you will promote your veterinary clinic or animal hospital using strategic online marketing solutions.

It is our goal to provide our clients with the best service, support & product on the market.

Veterinarian Web Design / What do we offer?

We can create a complete custom designed package for marketing your practice depending on your specific needs and your budget.  It all begins with a top ranking website, but that’s just the beginning.  There’s more, lots more!

We can provide everything you need to successfully market your practice on the internet and beyond.  We can customize a package that will include absolutely everything you must have to be successful online, and much more.

  • An RSS enabled website with a telephone number that is trackable so you’ll know your website is working for you.
  • Web design exclusively for veterinarians
  • Website developement
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • A lead generation system and email mail marketing management.
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Website Hosting
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Print advertising
  • and more!

Whether you want to lease or buy your animal hospitals veterinary website, call us today for a free consultation and find out for yourself what it really means to be successful online!  In Charleston call 843-647-0489 or throughout the U.S. call us toll free: 866-945-9707

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    We at e-Edge Marketing are experts in marketing offline businesses of any type online. We do however, specialize in promoting veterinary practices. We help veterinarians get found online by the local people right in your town who are already searching…

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