Strategies for taking your real-time content and making it work for you

blogging and real time contentHow would you like to turn your real-time content into SEO-Friendly material for your sites?  All of those tweets, chats, and facebook status updates add up to a lot of unique content that belongs to you. Why not turn that content into topic-related pages on your own site. Why not make it useful instead of letting it just disappear into the archives of Twitter, FB, etc.
Watch this SEOmoz  video to learn some strategies for taking your real-time content and making it work for you.

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Business Blogs. Connecting and Marketing Your Online Blog.

business blogsMost of the business owners I talk to commonly underestimate the power of having a blog for their business or they feel that they just don’t need one because… they already have a website.  Business blogs are much more personal and offer benefits that most business owners haven’t yet discovered or even considered as part of their marketing strategy.  This is especially true for strategic small business marketing or for home business owners where is is especially important for you to “connect” with your customers.

Business websites are for conducting business. You use the pages to tell potential customers about what you do. They can find out all they want to know about about your business on your website.  Things like your business hours, what services you offer, where you are located, and how to contact you are commonly things business owners post to their websites.  What readers don’t usually find on a business website are all the little details of your business.  Business blogs make connecting with your customers on that level much, much easier.  You can be certain that the results of getting personally involved with your readers will mean the difference in your readers mind of your business being just being another website, or the reader actually relating to you.  The people who are already searching the internet looking for your specific products and services will buy from people they that they know, like, and trust.  Allowing them to know you, relate to you, and like you, will make you stand out from the thousands, or even perhaps, millions of other websites out there!

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