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Local Business MarketingToday, most local business owners realize that they must have a business presence on the internet.  They know that people search online for the products and services that they need and without a website, their business won’t be found by the people in their local market who are searching for the kinds of products and services they offer.  What they might not know is that for it to work, I mean to really work, it requires specific local business marketing strategies, local marketing expertise, and a well thought out web design that coordinates with their marketing plan.

Local business owners know having a website is not just an option anymore.  Unless you only sell your product or service to the very elderly consumer, forget the phone book and newspaper ads! People today search for almost everything they need online and not only that, they research their buying options there too.  More recently, fewer are doing it from their computers and many are doing it from their smartphones.

Many business owners we talk to have the same questions about how effective local search is? They want to know what business marketing strategies and platforms will work best for their business.  They need to know how consumer behavior is changing with the onslaught of today’s technology.

The answers, can be found in marketing studies that compile information about how people are using the internet.

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B2B or DIY SEO? Can I Do SEO Myself?

It seems almost daily we are asked about whether a business should hire someone to do their SEO Marketing (B2B) or if they can do SEO themselves? So let’s take a closer look, shall we? Can they find you?

B2B or DIY SEO? Can I do SEO myself?

This seems to be the question most asked recently and I would like to answer that question for you today! The answer is most definitely YES> yes you can do SEO yourself!  You see, I am a firm believer in DIY projects. I DIY all kinds of things all the time. I find myself Googling for how to change my own oil from time to time or can I fix my own toilet? And of course the answer is yes, yes I can. But do I REALLY want to? and if so, what is actually involved? So the real question here becomes actually several questions:

  • How much time do you have to spend learning the techniques, rules and strategies it requires to DIY SEO?
  • And with this first question answered: Just how VALUABLE is your time?
  • Is your time better spent on other important business issues vs the nuts and bolts of creating or designing a website?
  • Do you want to learn all the technical development, really?
  • Do you  have the time, or oh sorry I repeat myself…..

In  my opinion, once you have your website up and designed to your liking then comes the real work. There are so many other things to learn beyond the building of the website. After all you want to build a “web presence” not just a website. [Read more…]

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