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Today, I am excited to present an article written by Eren McKay.  Eren is not only a wonderful friend of mine but a marvel in the SEO world.  I’ve learned so much from Eren over the time I’ve known her and I was honored when she agreed to guest blog for me!

In this article, Eren presents some fascinating information on what NoFollow Links really are, what they mean to your website’s rankings, and how to  test  for yourself the influence of NoFollow links .

Thank you Eren.  Thank you for being so open and sharing this kind of valuable information with me and my readers.

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Ranking Keyword Phrases and nofollow link influence How Does a Nofollow Link Influence the Rankings for Keyword Phrases?

Anyone who has a blog or website knows that creating great content is only a piece of the puzzle of getting noticed and consequently attracting more business on the internet. Even if you have the best content in the world, it won’t really matter if people don’t see it. So the other (and more important piece) to the puzzle of making it online is to promote that content.

Occasions when it doesn’t matter if the links are nofollow:

Of course when you start to market and promote your pages, you will be linking to them from places outside of your own website. If your goal is simply to create a marketing campaign, then you shouldn’t care whether the link has the nofollow tag or not. The goal of that kind of link is not to help you rank in the search engines but to leverage off of the traffic that the other websites already have. So even though that link is “nofollow” it still adds value to your marketing campaign. The nofollow tag shouldn’t stop you from creating a campaign for exposure.

Thinking more about the long term.

However if you would like to have consistent traffic from the search engines (such as Google), then you will want to create a campaign that not only leverages traffic from other sites but at the same time adds value to help you rank for your targeted keyword phrases. If ranking matters to you then you will want to obtain links that don’t have the nofollow tag on them. There are people that believe that nofollow links will still help you rank. However the head of Google’s Webspam team Matt Cutts openly says on his blog that they will not help you rank.
Here is a portion of what he said: [Read more…]

Online Classified Advertising for Local Business

Online Classified AdvertisingFree Classified Ads or very low-cost online classifieds are a smart way to get your local business in front of hundreds and perhaps even thousands of potential new LOCAL customers from even a single post using a graphic ad design that will attract local buyers as well as from the search engine results you’ll get from your free classifieds if they are done correctly as you can see in the video below. 

By far, one of the best marketing methods available to you if you don’t have a hefty marketing budget, is to create and post a (free or low cost) local online classified advertising campaign.

We’ve even put together a list of the top 500 classified advertising websites that you can get for free just for the asking.  You will find the box to order that list way down at the bottom of this post.  Just scroll all the way down to the bottom of this article, fill out the form, and get immediate access to the list!

This is a marketing strategy we recommend to our new clients who are just getting their businesses off the ground and usually don’t have much by way of a marketing budget.  It should be noted however, that this method works just as well for established businesses, or any business owner who wants to advertise “specials” in their local area, from time to time.

Here’s Why…

The most important benefit to using this marketing strategy is that the prospective clients who view your ad are very targeted.  They are people who are already looking for YOUR specific product or service in an effort to find something that they need or want.  It makes sense for your business to focus it’s marketing tactics to targeted traffic rather than non-targeted traffic and get found by the people who are already looking for your specific products and services. Don’t stop at just a general ad for your business!

Designs can be created to use as coupons, gift certificates, and many other types of promotions.  Use them to advertise your business using obscure holidays.  People will remember you for this and in turn, you’ll have a steady flow of new potential customers coming through your door. [Read more…]

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